One comment on “War on Terror Must Include Imams who Preach their Evil Doctrine in Mosques

  1. An western media spins out 24/7 anti muslim propaganda.

    The usa movie world having produced countless movies of
    terrorists ( muslims ) attacking the USA / such NONSENSE
    produced for decades.// No plot one needing not an working
    brain cell // just 99% violence. Such the appalling nonsense
    that generations of americans / have been brainwashed with.

    Your comment as to IMAMS as to Mosques but an product of
    your own 24/7 media brainwashing in such the western govts
    are more your enemy than being the IMAMS or the MOSQUES.

    Its not a case of taking sides and pouring petrol on the fire / but
    in giving such balanced viewpoint that will aid /a union of nations.
    In taking such negative an attitude. Its only yourself your harming.

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